Heartwood is a collection of sculpture, furniture, and paintings all handmade by artists and family.

Our story  

Many cedar trees were lost in the drought in central Texas. Heartwood is giving these trees new life in beautiful, functional pieces. 

David Lain creates each wood piece uniquely in harmony with the grain and flow of the wood. Each piece is an organic, flowing, and bold heirloom. His work gives a feeling of elegant strength and is the centerpiece and grounding force of any room. 

Angela draws inspiration from the icons and experience of life on the gulf coast. She blends this with the experience of life in Texas, to create versatile, engaging, and vibrate paintings. Each is a special work of color, life, and boldness. 

Commissioned work is a love of Heartwood. We want to build a piece that speaks to you, your family, your experiences, and your home.